OPINION: The ‘Twilight’ Series is Amazing, Period.

Simone Chery, OwlFeed Lifestyle Reporter

One of the biggest ways to a teenage girl’s heart would be the infamous melodramatic romance series filled with bloodsucking vampires, good-looking werewolves, a coming of age journey, and an evil vampire covenant: “Twilight.” 

Released in 2008, this series has been hated on throughout the years but I’m here to tell you why this love story set in Forks, Washington, is an amazing series.

For those who haven’t watched the five-film series, the “Twilight” movies follow the story of Bella Swan from Arizona who makes her way back to Forks, Washington, to live with her father, Charlie Swan, while her mother and her new husband travel together. Awkward and stumbling through life, Bella catches the attention of and is interested in the mysterious Edward Cullen, who she finds out is a vampire. 

With romance, fantasy, horror, action, drama, and more, Bella encounters close death, vampire enemies, internal conflict about her identity, problems within her family and friends, and last but not least, the growing love between her and Edward Cullen.

Since its first release, many people found the series too childish and sloppy. People who loved the movies were nicknamed ‘Twihards’ and “these fans were obsessed not only with the films and books but with the stars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson,” according to the website Den of Geek. 

A majority of the fanbase is women due to the love for the male characters Edward Cullen and Jacob Black, along with the uniqueness of the movie. 

It’s known that the interests of young teenage girls are “often treated with disdain,” according to Vice. This type of audience is dismissed quite a lot, unfortunately. Not only this, but the trend to hate on some of the movie’s cringe flaws and a sort of rushed storyline was strong.

ScreenRant listed many reasons why the “Twilight” movies receive so much attention, and not the good kind.

“Some [were] not okay with what Meyer did to vampires (giving them sparkly skin, for starters) and werewolves (who turn into wolves at their own will) and others found their lack of plot to be annoying,” the article from ScreenRant said. “Some had stronger reasons to not like the movies, such as the fact that Edward and Bella’s relationship wasn’t exactly healthy… regards to technical aspects, including special effects, make-up, pacing, and acting.” 

A lot of hate came from these particular reasons and it continues to haunt the series along with the characters as the years pass.

Now, despite the hate the movies receive, there still remains love from the “Twilight” fanbase.

As said before, the target audience for these movies were young teenage girls, and the producers and Stephanie Meyer did well with that. Along with the iconic actors they cast for the movies, the books were incorporated well into the films.

“The movies are entertaining, which is their main purpose,” ScreenRant stated. “Stephanie Meyer’s ‘Twilight’ never aimed to be a great work of literature or cinema, and it was all to please a certain audience, taking some of their fantasies and making them ‘real.’” 

There is also a bright side to the years passing. As the hatred and dislike for the movies died down over the years, people new to the “Twilight” franchise can experience watching the movies in a new light without the outside influence of fans and haters.

“Twilight hate has also died down, so newcomers to the saga can find its charm at their own pace,” ScreenRant said. “Some may seriously relate to the romantic drama, while others may acknowledge the unintentionally funny aspects of the movies and embrace it as a part of the experience.” 

In my opinion, I loved all the movies in their own ways and I will continue to defend the awfully amazing “Twilight” series. Growing up on the movies and receiving generous amounts of different opinions on the five films has given me a nicely shaped outlook. 

Recognizing the obvious flaws of the movie, I could also say that those flaws add to my love and others’ love for the films. Cheesy and as awkwardly humorous as it is, there is always something to appreciate when rewatching them.

The oddly-looking blue filter in the first film which I absolutely adore and the theory behind it representing Edward’s dark and gloomy character makes me appreciate it all the more. Then in New Moon, a warm orangey filter almost represents Jacob’s lively, rustic character as he grows closer to Bella. I enjoy the humor of Bella’s unusual high school friends and newfound family, the romantic storyline with the occasional bumps in the road, the new and complex foes the Cullen family face, and more.

There is much to love about these movies and no matter how not expensive or fabulous the cinematography, acting, make-up and more were, the nostalgia and beauty of the films will always be loved.

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons