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Photo credit: Simone Chery

Simone Chery, Media Editor

Middle child, high school senior, born and raised in Arizona — these are all the basic things you may already know about Simone Chery, but there is so much more. Such as how she is like a beautiful flower, blossoming.

“Being a middle child, for the first few years of elementary school, I felt like I was ignored,” Chery said. “So learning, my grades were probably one of the biggest things that got my attention. So I was always A’s A’s A’s, I would never get anything below an A, and if I did the attention was gone.”

Being the middle child helped her out very heavily in the long run. No matter what her reasons may have been, having such a high drive to get A’s and only A’s is such a hard thing to do, but she managed to do it.

Just by looking at Simone you can see the hard work, the kindness, the care. She gives off this energy that is just too hard to ignore. Her creative side is such a sight to see.

As a senior she is looking forward to her future and taking off in her career.

“After high school I want to attend a college, either in state or in Washington state, and at this moment I am moving in a direction toward a career in forensic science and being an author,” Chery said.

“Those are my main two desires, but I find that I change my mind a lot so it could change at any time,” she continued. Being as imaginative and adventurous as she is, it is bluntly obvious that Chery is made for great and big things.

When discussing hobbies, we often hear things like playing sports or sleeping a lot, or “not much.” Well, Chery is a little different from the rest.

“While I have a lot of hobbies, my main two are reading and writing. They’re really therapeutic so I find myself doing them a lot,” Chery said.  “But they also kind of introduced me to in an entirely new and fictional world, and that’s why I do them a lot. I read every day and I write occasionally when I have been inspired to do so.”

On the other hand, she does play sports. She plays badminton and she used to play softball. She started out with softball in middle school, but stopped because badminton was something that became her go-to sport instead.

Interestingly, Chery is also fairly good at making room decorations and glass paintings.

In the end, it is easy to say that Simone Chery is an interesting person. That being said, she obviously strives to be the best she can be and succeeds. She’s also one of the most caring and kind people you will ever meet.

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Photo Credit: Simone Chery

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