OPINION:Mortal Kombat is the Best Fighting Franchise

Photo credit: hdwallpapers.net

Photo credit: hdwallpapers.net

Canaan Mobley, OwlFeed Opinion Reporter

Mortal Kombat was a gaming series that was introduced in the early 1990’s that was created in competition with that of Street Fighter inside of the state of Australia. The series of Mortal Kombat, was made as a very different concept as the rest. When you look at games like Fight Night, Street Fighter, Smash Bros, etc., they always have no gore in those games. Mortal Kombat changed that. They introduced the features of fatalities, even in the first one, which is just the character fatally wounding someone after you win both rounds. 

 The style of the game itself was very basic, but when you look at all the other ones, all you see is similar styles of the types of fighting, graphics, and even characters in some ways. The thing is, because of the more violent gameplay that it produces, it really developed a different type of gameplay that was not used before. They basically changed the style of how graphic the fighting games are. They even added techniques that interrelated multiple different types of fighting styles that are used in realistic combat. When games like UFC and Tekken went into development, the idea of more graphic gameplay was enforced. 

While these games are more realistic when it comes to the type of weapons and the story, Mortal Kombat isn’t all fighting. They have extra things like challenges for example “Test Your Might” or even the Krypt. There is no other type of fighting game that has all this extra type of content. Even when it comes to characters and the development of their characters are unique. The stories show the development of every character. For characters like Scorpion, he was originally one made for vengeance. Guess what happened. He isn’t like that anymore. Then you have DLC characters. Majority of them aren’t even characters they own.  Jason Vorhees, Freddy Kruguer, Predator, Alien, Terminator etc.  were characters that are owned by other people. Not Netherrealm Studios or any other owners or designers of the Mortal Kombat franchise. Promise you there are almost no other fighting games like that just have every character. 

 In the story of Mortal Kombat, they show multiple different types of history, the most acknowledged being mythology. They include things like divine beings, mythologic areas, or even the stories in general are mythologic. Mortal Kombat also is one of the best-selling fighting franchises in history. Even the ones that are more popular aren’t as great because they don’t have the same qualities Mortal Kombat does.