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Canaan Mobley, Opinion Columnist

From playing basketball on the streets to being a great columnist and editor in the opinions section at the Agua Fria OwlFeed, Canaan has distinguished himself in everything he does.

Although he is still a teenager, he claims to have experienced many crucial moments in his life that have made him the person he is today. Thanks to such situations, he has become a sensitive and protective person.

An interesting fact about him is that he likes sports as much as anything related to art; besides writing for the Agua Fria OwlFeed, playing street basketball is something he really enjoys doing in his free time, and practices kickboxing as well; the only sports he does not like are tennis and soccer. As mentioned before, he is also a passionate art lover. To be more precise, he explained that every time he completes a piece of art, he feels satisfied and proud of it. Each time he feels inspired about something and decides to write about it he draws something based on the story, and the other way around.

“I feel like drawing isn’t complete without a story, and a story isn't complete without a drawing.” 

And of course, art interests could not be completed without music, even though he does not play any instrument currently, he is interested in learning more about piano because of its versatility in the moment of choosing what type of melody to play and how it can transmit emotions and feelings efficiently, making it, from his point of view, a perfect way of expressing something that needs to be heard by others.

Canaan also likes to watch comedy movies in his spare time, especially those starring the famous actor Kevin Hart. On the other hand, he does not like scary movies because the characters do the opposite of what they should do, which weighs on him in a way.

When he was younger, he wanted to be an NBA player, but eventually realized that was not what he wanted as a career and turned playing basketball into a hobby that he enjoys today.

After High School, he plans to attend a Community college and eventually transfer to a regular college to study mechanics, and maybe open his workshop someday; to get a better education, he is considering attending WestMec classes, that way, he will be able to get more experience and knowledge related to his future career.

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