OPINION:Halloween—Is It Dangerous For Children?

Phot credit: Legislator Gaylor facebook.com

Phot credit: Legislator Gaylor facebook.com

Canaan Mobley, OwlFeed Opinion Reporter

So as you more likely already know, most mothers get very paranoid and mentally distressed when their children are out of sight, especially at darker periods of the day. Most of the time, they will never let their children go out after about 7 pm. But that is an exception when it comes to the time of Halloween. Children constantly roam the city during Halloween. The problem is that people don’t care about children’s safety anymore. There is gang violence everywhere, there are candy threats, and just weird people in general. 

There are very dangerous areas but the point of time where crime rates grow is at nighttime. When kids trick or treat, it usually takes place at about 5 to about 8:30. People don’t care about them though, If it’s gang violence, it’s usually an “on sight” situation as no one with gang violence shows mercy to anyone. Children being out at night time and then going to gun violence being at night as well, could easily lead to many children being killed while trick or treating. Children also take influence from people around them so if they are just outside with people and gun violence, they will start to perform those kinds of things at an earlier age which would lead for crime rates to start to skyrocket in the future.

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After years have gone by, people have been able to start manipulating children with “candy”. You know someone tries to get children in the back of their vehicle for very ugly reasons, they have done something similar with drugs. People have been able to completely disguise fentanyl as candy. You know Smarties, Skittles, etc. they have been mistaken for fentanyl even by adults. This is very dangerous as fentanyl is one of if not the most fatal drug in United States history. They would be able to kill even a grown man with even the smallest dosage so imagine what it would do to someone who’s not even 10 years old. They have pretty much no chance at that point. People at younger age have a tendency to not check anything they have before they actually eat it. While fentanyl is a pretty identifiable drug, the majority of times, children either won’t know what it is or they won’t determine whether it actually is candy or not. Not only that but if someone crushes those pills small enough that can manipulate almost anyone to see it as just sugar.