OPINION: Thanksgiving Equals Family Bonding


Photo credit: pexels.com

Canaan Mobley, OwlFeed Opinion Reporter

Y’all already know there are two different holidays that families stay together on both Christmas and Thanksgiving. But the one that really sticks out between the two is most definitely Thanksgiving. The point of this holiday is to be with family, have a little bit of prayer, and do things together to be thankful for the family that you are with. Some people consider this to be pointless, and there is no reason to be thankful for a bloodline, but in reality, they could have a much worse family. For some people, they could be thankful for everything, even the ones that aren’t ideal,  like family separation, siblings or cousins getting arrested, or doing drugs, all of that.

 These are those kinds of situations that no one should ever have to go through. Some people don’t realize that everything you do sets standards for what happens next. What happens if you stop them from doing something bad like being a drug addict or alcoholic and then being sober ends up getting that person killed, put in prison or malfunctioning mentally. Anything bad that happened could always escalate into something that comes out to be much worse. Not only that, but your past plays the biggest role in making up your character. So in reality, if anything were to change in the past, you would automatically be a different person no matter what. That is why you should be thankful for everything that happened in your life. That is the point of  Thanksgiving, to admire reason, from things that could easily have become something you may not have been able to handle. 

Another thing, Thanksgiving is a holiday where you could recreate memories with others and form a mindset that you didn’t know existed. Most often, during this time, people would more than likely have dinner along with family members if they already don’t do that at an average rate. You are always having conversations, talking about past events, and  just having fun. The point of it is to understand that not everyone may experience that luxury. Therefore, if you’re not taking advantage of this one day every year, then you’re not valuing your family strongly enough. Family should always be the first thing that you should focus on. So if you can’t do it for 24 hours, then it’s obviously not as important to you as whatever else you do and that says about your history with them. You have downplayed them heavily. Some people don’t understand what the family provided for them. They play a big part in why you can survive. Hanging out with them is something you can do to show thanks, by making up for the time you haven’t been able to produce.

The one better for the family is very controversial, however; because Christmas is the biggest holiday. It’s such a big holiday, people don’t even take Thanksgiving, or New Year’s Day into consideration just because Christmas is between the two. People would be preparing for Christmas or just playing Christmas music 2 months before and after the holiday. While this one is based on religion, they are taking into consideration why the holiday even exists. They could at least be thankful for the holiday’s existence. People also use this time to create bonds with others by helping them with other problems that they have. This holiday is made to bring families together with their dreams and what they want to help their bloodline pursue. 

Not only do people like to stay home with their families during this time, but they would also travel around the world just to see them. Some people do not have the luxury to manage something like that so it’s important to note that being in some other area could change your view on a lot of things that you live around. But think about it. What other holiday is made specifically to hang out with family. The main highlight with the family members that Christmas provides is mostly just the gifting function. Everything else is just independent. Thanksgiving is not like that. It was made to bond with your family.