Do You Have a Crisis? The UK Does as Well!

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Aylen Villasenor, OwlFeed News Reporter

The energy crisis in the United Kingdom is getting out of control: currency devaluation, shortages, chaos, and fear among the population prompt the government to search desperately for a solution!

Imagine having to pay a total of $4,184 this year to survive the winter  in a place where freezing temperatures arrive each year and do not exceed 42°F.  Imagine it being almost impossible to get through winter without a heater or gas. Imagine an increase of 80% in bill payments. Can you imagine? This crisis is causing the population to stretch their budgets and come out with creative ideas to “solve” this problem and avoid living in such conditions this year. 

From limiting their consumption and cutting back on things that are deemed necessary, to organizing a social movement called “Don’t Pay”, where people gather and refuse to pay electric companies’ bills if the increments in these continue, people are trying their best.

Considering that people have other expenses, the increase in the price of energy bills makes it more difficult for households to face the future; as in the case of Jones, a 54-year-old woman with health issues who claims that government assistance is not enough to cover her expenses, and asks for financial aid, but she is not the only one. Because of the pressure exerted by the people, the government has tried to implement services and campaigns to reduce the tension by spreading propaganda explaining how to save money. Still, according to the document “English-Top-10-Tips“, the amount that can be saved by the end of the year would be 151 dollars, which still results in people paying an average of 4,033 dollars just for energy.

At the beginning of the year, a rate of $400 was proposed by the government in order to help the population pay their electricity bills, independently of their social status; other than that, the government is also planning to make some drills, in collaboration with “The National Grid” electric company,  in order to be prepared for what is considered the worst case scenario so far. Turning out energy for four days in September, ensuring that this will not risk their energy supplements during winter.

What used to be the dream of living in a charming country where snow falls during winter and beautiful sights were easy to appreciate. That is now becoming more of a stressful reality, where the winter threatens the physical and mental health of its citizens. Asking for help not only from the government but also from non-profit organizations, such as the JRF. This has turned out to be such an issue, and the UK is searching desperately for a solution that will hopefully come soon.