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Aylen Villasenor, News Reporter


Aylen Villasenor is a senior year student which would say she is a full fledged adult at 18 years of age who is very mature and respectful towards herself, time, and other people. 


Her reasoning for picking a type of class like journalism, was not because she had a dedication to actually do that in the future, but because she wanted to do something different. While she is inclined to things like math and science, she felt like having something she hasn’t tried would have provided a different feeling compared to all the other classes that she has. Aylen feels like doing something different could give her some kind of tips of what she actually wants to do in the future which could truly provide useful information for her actual dream. Not only can different things provide help for her dream, but they could give her a stronger description of what her destiny is. She is in the position of media editors, managing lifestyle editors, and she is a News reporter. She likes to read regular books mostly on every genre, coloring, she likes learning about other cultures and traveling.


After high school, she wants to go to a university where she could become more of a scientist to study places out of the Earth’s atmosphere. She wanted to be a ballet dancer when she was younger but realized she didn’t dedicate time to actually do it. She had some family members that she admired and some that gave her the encouragement to do something up to the level that she dreams of doing. She moved out one year ago to Arizona in search of better opportunities and education. It wasn’t something spontaneous, but it was something she was motivated by the curiosity of witnessing different atmospheres. The background of these different cultures and their history of different scientists could give Aylen newer motives, or even better decisions that could be used with what she studies. Maybe there could be tactics that she never knew about that could help her. 


She wants to be different from the rest of her family. She wants to do everything in her power that could get her family a successful lifestyle. Unlike her, everybody else pretty much gave up on what they wanted to do when they were younger. She is going to avoid that at all costs. One of her biggest goals is to allow her family to be known. They don’t have to be big, but all she wants is recognition from other civilizations, teachers, and other scientists. As long as she can get that, her dream will be successful.

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