First Unsweet, Trick, or Treat?

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Aylen Villasenor, OwlFeed News Reporter

Hershey intervened this Halloween, so the teens can eat sweets! Cumulate chocolate won’t be a problem, even when they told us the opposite this summer.
The nightmare of people from all over the world came back from its grief this August: A candy shortage at the Hershey company! Terrible news for chocoholics spread the fear of a bitter Halloween when their CEO, Michelle Buck,  announced that the company was having difficulty importing the high-quality ingredients (including cocoa and edible oil) needed to produce the number of chocolates predicted for the holidays; this problem was caused due to the complications that the Ukrainian war brought by raising the prices of these products and making them available only in limited quantities in stock and for import.
This news spread faster than expected by the company, causing anxiety among the consumers who were looking for ways to individually supply themselves with enough Halloween candy by planning to buy it in adequate rations ahead of time. The company felt compelled to take action to quickly resolve the issue and announced that strategies would be put in place to address the problem as quickly as possible, such as ensuring to supply the markets and their sellers with daily products to offer, so that they could avoid future problems regarding shelf-availability, which seemed to work pretty decently.
A few days later they announced that the news was exaggerated and that they had solved the problem previously mentioned just in time for the Holidays! bringing relief to all those who desire to have a sweet Halloween.
If they were not able to solve the problem a whole chain reaction would have been produced, affecting not only the companies that create large amounts of candy but the supermarkets and local stores which would have confronted the consequences as well.
Luckily they were not only able to accomplish their task of saving the chocoholics this Halloween but they also brought new merchandise and products into the stores, perfect for their consumers, the company reports “We’re also excited to unveil our cherished treats in new forms this year.” recently revealing about 82 varieties of Halloween edition candy for this year, surpassing the expectations of their consumers.
Even with the effort put in by the company, and the information provided by this one, there is no guarantee of a Halloween free from candy shortage, so people still recommend being cautious and considerate about the amount of candy bought for the Holidays.