Jackson’s Water Crisis



Photo credits: rawpixel.com

Aylen Villasenor, OwlFeed News Reporter

Jacksonians struggle to get potable water for daily tasks after an infrastructure collapsed due to August’s heavy rains and the Pearl River flood

Jacksonians have been experiencing a noticeable lack of potable water, which has led them to boil water in order to be able to consume it or use it in their everyday lives. Even if many argue that people can not defy nature or guarantee a way to secure themselves against natural disasters such as the flood and the consequences that it brings.  There is data that states that this issue could have been somehow preventable if mankind had taken action; data from Bracey Harris a reporter from www.nbcnews.com, states that the funds Jacksonians received in order to maintain their treatment plants was not enough compared to the amount that was actually needed for this, without mentioning that this community received less of what surrounding ones received.

The treatment plants were previously deteriorated by different factors, and by these not receiving the proper maintenance, they were not able to support nature’s plans for this year–including rains and floods–leaving a whole community in crisis and without potable water, making it difficult for them to access this one mainly since it has lately become a limited resource worldwide and the support from the government was not good enough to overcome the crisis and satiate the citizens’ necessities.

An injustice like this needed to be heard, so with exterior help organizations eventually stepped in, in order to help the Jacksonians, and guarantee their right to equality and health; many campaigns and investigations have started thanks to this crisis as well, so that Jacksonians can get access to clean water as soon as possible, seeking to motivate the government as well, to provide support towards the cause.

Unfortunately, the difficulty to access potable water has been around the world for many years in different ways, and it needs to be addressed more often as a priority for resolution. Even when there are different causes for these, it is necessary to keep in mind that water is a resource that most living organisms need in order to exist, without it, life would be very harsh, and the resources from where we get them are not infinite. Due to this, access to clean water has lately become a great issue. By taking action people can prevent a necessity from turning into a limitation or a privilege that only some people could have in the near future.