What’s Up With The Lady Owls


Photo Credit: Julianna Martinez

Julianna Martinez, OwlFeed Sports Reporter

With the fall season already here, the Lady Owls basketball team takes on a lot to do their best for this upcoming winter, showing their dedication to their sport. 

They practice non-stop, two times a week hoping to become the best and better than last year. They hope to win and beat most of the best schools they’re soon going to play against. Thus, the Owls practice from three to six p.m., working hard on and off the court.

On Thursdays, they start from 2:45 to 4:45 p.m. on the court, and then at the weight room from 4:45 to 6:00 p.m.

With the season approaching, the Lady Owls have to train hard and put in all their work to make this season worth it. 

When I went in to watch them practice, all I saw was dedication. Captain Marisol Jacuinde, for example, encouraged her teammates to push through and get the work done. This shows how the Lady owls are pushing themselves to be better than ever and the effort that they put in in order to support their team.

I asked Marisol her thoughts on how she thinks this pre-season is helping her team, and she said  “Definitely conditioning and getting better chemistry with one another so instead of joining right off the bat, we are already comfortable with each other and we have that kind of chemistry to really kick some butt in a way.

One of the captains on the team, Scooter, said in the middle of the interview that Last year the chemistry was definitely lacking, so I feel that Marisol and I as captains have been trying to focus on team bonding and going places together. As to not necessarily being strangers to each other but also not necessarily best friends, just being able to know each other because that’s what’s really important on the court”.

I had asked Scooter how they feel about the season beginning, their response was “Honestly with practice, it’s exciting, I’m pumped out. The girls are good, the energy is good, the vibe is there.

Marisol had something interesting to say about how she felt about this pre-season. She said,  “For example, Scooter and I are best friends, but we are each other’s biggest competition on the court. So we motivate and push each other in a competitive way, but we know we love each other at the end of the day, and we can better ourselves because of it.”

So when is the girls’ basketball season starting, you may ask? Well, their first game is on Tuesday, October 29th, against Yuma in an away game. So go support the Lady Owls!