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Julianna Martinez, Sports Reporter

Julianna Martinez, a calm yet fun soul with a good taste. She’s nice with a bit of a lower tone when you first come across her but if you get to know her, she’s a pretty cool gal. Her energy level and mood can change depending on how you act, don’t be mean!

Julianna is a sports reporter, a 15 year old sophomore who loves a good thrill. She was placed into journalism but seems to be okay with the class so far. Julianna is open to trying new things but definitely not seafood. She loves softball and is currently in softball but would like to someday do yearbook. She’s a selfless spirit who loves music and isn’t afraid to watch horror movies. Her favorite way of learning is the traditional listen and write. She has two older brothers, one that graduated in 2020 and one still in school as a senior. Bright, charismatic and aware of others feelings. She’s more easy going and calm in certain situations. She likes just about any food, especially tacos, the only thing you won’t catch her eating is any type of seafood. Julianna has a pet hermit crab named BJ also known as Billy John and has had him for about 3 months. She’s a more open minded soul and listens to what others have to say about certain topics. She’s not one to tell you how to think or what your beliefs should be. Listening to music or practicing softball is what she’ll be doing after school. Less of a trend setter and more of a follower, it’s easier for her to gain inspo than it is for her to give. She’s a pretty cool and chill person and I promise you she doesn’t bite.

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