The Pomies Are Ready For It


Photo credit: AFHS Pom instagram

Julianna Martinez, OwlFeed Sports Reporter

The ways the Pomies take while being on the sidelines, the way they encourage each other while performing on the field, also the ways they take on to prepare for the basketball season coming up after football season ends.

With the football season coming to an end, the Pomies are taking on basketball season preparations. When the Pomies were on the sidelines cheering on the football team for their senior night, I saw them with smiles on their faces, cheering loud and proud. Hoping when they start to cheer for basketball, they’ll give the same energy while hyping up the crowd.

When talking about the Pomies and them cheering loud with smiles, I got the chance to speak to Captain Victoria Occhiline about her thoughts on how her squad is doing so far while performing.

She said, ”I believe the pom team is doing really well with performing with each other. Everyone is able to pick up the choreography well and we are able to perform well together as one.”

With the meaningful words she said for her team, it felt like she really did care so much for her squad, and hoped to work hard next season. Making sure their routines are good and on point, they seem to be pushing each other for better during practices.

That being said, I again spoke to Victoria Occhiline about her thoughts on how the team feels while performing in front of tons of people in the middle of the field. She said, “It definitely feels like a lot of pressure, but when we work as a team we can get the job done.”

Just thinking about performing in front of a lot of eyes stresses me out, so when the Pomies do it, I feel like they’re pushing through to get it done and looking good while doing it. When the next season starts, you’ll be seeing the Pomies taking on the court.

I also got the chance to speak to Coach Emily Ramirez about how their practices are going so far, She stated, “My Pom girls practice every week Monday through Wednesday. Every practice they are all eager and excited to go their full potential and give it their all when learning new material. Some of our practice can be overwhelming when going over and over the new material but at the end of the day the girls stick it out so that they look their best for when it comes time to perform. It’s very true when they say practice makes perfect because it truly shows with each and every one of my girls!”

I also asked if she felt if her Pomies are working hard this is what she said, “I do feel that all of my girls are very hard working when it comes to practices, games,  events, and showing school spirit! These girls go above and beyond to show that they are on the Pom team for a reason and that every time they are always going to give it their best and work hard for something that they believe in and want. My girls are very dedicated to the Pom team and it shows when they are out they’re on the field at games and rallies because they all push themselves to be their best! I’m super proud to be their coach because I know the hard work and dedication they show for themselves and their teammates.”

For the Pomies themselves, the next game they are cheering for is on November 29th, supporting the Agua Fria boy’s basketball team.