Hurricane Ian

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Ruby Marquez, OwlFeed News Reporter

The atmospheric pressure makes the citizens of Florida evacuate in agitation and distress. Many seek shelter as the stormiest season will soon take action. Rumors had spread around on Wednesday, September 28th claiming that there had been unusual activity from the satellite, and made individuals question what possibilities they might have to face. It had become comprehensible that the previous hurricane in Cuba was headed toward Florida. Also known as Hurricane Ian, one of the most dangerous disasters in the United States. Though it is safe to assume that the people of Florida will continue to be cautious, and hopefully stay indoors.

Hurricane Ian had left Cuba in complete disarray. From all the power outages to tobacco harvest action, it had caused a numerous amount of damage to the economy. Tobacco Ambassador, Hirochi Robaina, had initially mentioned that it was “apocalyptic” and a “real disaster”.  Barns and homes full of tobacco had been torn away due to the prodigious storm. Electric workers had to stay up all night to deliver the power back on. Sadly, the grid had fallen apart, leaving the eleven-million people in Cuba powerless. Although this had hit Cuba and caused a vast amount of compensation, it wasn’t over after this. Florida was soon to be hit, unfortunately.

Florida would be greeted by a hurricane warning, heading towards their location. People had sought convenient items and tried to be ready. Soon after that, it was announced that many stores had to shut down and it was advisable to clear the area. The storm rampaged many homes, however, constructors are trying their best to reconstruct and plan the architecture. Flights around all of Florida were canceled as well. “Roughly 2,000 flights were canceled each day Wednesday through Friday, primarily in zones between where Ian made landfall in Florida and South Carolina” according to an article from the

Although this tragedy caused wreckage, there are still opportunities to support communities that have been destroyed or broken. Many paramedics have decided to provide water, hygiene kits, diapers, etc. The outcome of these hurricanes isn’t necessarily the best, but residents can still make a difference. We as people are capable of making changes to the hopeless situation. The Red Cross has made it possible to donate money, and many more products to show comfort to those who might need it. You can find more information on the Red Cross, and hopefully, help others that require assistance after this catastrophe.