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Ruby Marquez, News Reporter

There are many instances in our present time where the world feels dark, cruel, and full of misery. Where many people are divided by conflicts, being taught to hate and to be unkind to one another, on top of other numerous issues presented by our society. But despite all that, there is a glimmer of hope that you can see in the faces of people; people like Ruby.

Ruby Marquez might seem distant on the outside, but as you get to know her she is a very kind, friendly, and cheerful person that people can comfortably approach.

She is currently a sophomore here at Agua Fria High School and it is her first year in journalism, holding a position of News Reporter. She states, “I joined this class because I really like to write and honestly, just to have a new experience.” For Ruby, writing is an extremely important skill to have, especially when it comes to articles or essays. By taking this class, she also hopes that it will help further expand her knowledge and vocabulary.

After high school, Ruby plans on attending college to become a marine biologist. “I love to explore a lot of interesting things. The ocean is ominous to me and I’d love to know more about it” she explains. Her adventurous and ambitious nature is definitely one of her greatest characteristics that would benefit her in her future career. 

As many of us may resonate with, one of Ruby’s most significant moments of her life was getting out of quarantine and starting high school. She claims “There have been many hardships in life due to COVID, but I think now I’ve learned to adapt to school.” Life wasn’t easy for the majority, especially a couple of years ago when the COVID-19 pandemic started. Many students just like Ruby here at Agua Fria, are still trying their best to adapt in this new environment. She comments, “It was hard my first year, but now I’m slowly getting out of my comfort zone!” Being stuck at home definitely took a toll on many people’s social life, but instead of worrying about the negatives, Ruby chose to focus more on the positive aspects.

Aside from school, Ruby’s hobbies include watching shows, being on social media, as well as reading occasionally. When asked about her favorite show, she immediately answered “Stranger Things” just because she finds it really interesting.

Ruby also mentioned that one of her inspirations is Adam Sandler. “He’s funny and down to earth, '' she explains. A movie of his that she loves to watch is a film called ‘Grown Ups’.

That being said, Ruby has learned many lessons in her life through personal experiences and through people that she respects. A piece of advice that she would like to give is that, “It is important to put yourself first and how you feel.” 

Learn from Ruby and start taking care of yourself!

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