Steve Nash’s Coaching Career Canceled


Photo Credit: Steve Nash Instagram

David Shaw, OwlFeed Sports Reporter

Did you know NBA legend, Steve Nash, got fired from the Brooklyn Nets? Some of the players from the Nets reacted to the firing of their old head coach. “What were the reasons why they fired Steve Nash?” Nets’ general manager Sean Marks  said, “It was hard to fire Steve Nash because of their long term relationship they had before.” 


Both Steve Nash and Sean felt it was time to separate ways because the team wasn’t doing what they needed to be doing and they had fallen short of their goals. Sopan Deb and Scott Cacciola, two journalists from The New York Times said, “Over the past week, the team has also been dealing with backlash after Irving promoted an antisemitic documentary on social media.” Sean Marks said, “he didn’t seek input from any of the players for the coach’s firing.” 

Steve Nash hasn’t had an assistant coaching job or head coaching job anywhere, so as a result the Nets were criticized for hiring him. The one thing Steve Nash did bring to the table was his NBA career. He knows what a team needs to win and he also was surrounded by good coaches when he was in the NBA. The Brooklyn Nets can’t blame Steve Nash for the losses they had because from the start when they hired him, there were problems with the team. Kevin Durant was injured, they traded James Harden for Ben Simmons; Ben Simmons came in hurt, Kyrie Irving refused to get the vaccine so he was suspended for most of the 2021-2022 season because of local rules. Once Kyrie Irving returned, they got swept by the Boston Celtics in the first round of playoffs. 


Warriors’ head coach, Steve Kerr, reacted to the firing of Steve Nash by saying, “He has all the qualities to be a brilliant coach. It’s a good reminder to me and all coaches that we are all at the whim of players, front offices, ownerships. You really need a solid situation in which to thrive as a coach in this league.” Farbod Esnaashari, a Fan nation reporter said, “ It speaks volume for an accomplished coach like Steve Kerr to come out and talk about something like that and praise Steve Nash the way he did.” Steve Kerr also said, “There wasn’t a coach in the NBA that had to deal with a more toxic situation over the last two years than Steve Nash did. He was either dealing with toxicity or injury, never really being given a chance to coach with full support.”  


As Kevin Durant talks about the situation he says, “You can’t really think about what happened, you have to worry about the game today, you’re always shocked when stuff like this happens during the season, even though it’s been on my mind a little today.” As you see Kevin didn’t really have a reaction or praise for Steve as Steve Kerr did. Kevin Durant knew he couldn’t worry about what happened, because he had a game he had to focus on. 


As people are explaining why they think he got fired, most of it is people saying it was because there was a lot of chaos in the summer practices and miscommunication between the team. Kenny Smith said, “He wasn’t surprised and thinks because when coaches think they can turn the corner when the season starts even if your team isn’t communicating, then the next person in line is asking why you aint turn the corner.” NBA legend Shaquille O’neal says, “ In order for you to win you have to stay functionable and stay cool. There is a lot of dysfunction when you go around people saying, “I want this guy fired or I want this guy off the team, no one’s coming together and rebuilding the team as a whole.” 

Due to Steve Nash getting fired, all the people who reacted to him are wondering where his next destination is as a coach or what life has in store for him.