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David Shaw, Sports Reporter

This young athlete is dedicated to his dreams, and I don't see anything that could get in the way of him. David is wherever there is a ball, where there is a court, and wherever there is a challenge, David is there to meet it.

David Shaw is a 15 years old freshman that is also a new sports reporter this year. Though he is interested in pursuing basketball, he says that "The work you put in, becomes a better outcome". If it were not to work out as planned, he would like to look further into editing and journaling.

While talking to David he spoke to me about how his dad is one of his biggest inspirations and how it weren’t for him encouraging and inspiring him throughout his life that he wouldn't be the same person he is today.

In his free time David enjoys doing many things. He loves playing video games favorites being 2k that he plays frequently, Fortnite and multiverse he says are too old no though and also warzone. He also enjoys working out and listening to music with his favorite genre being rap and his favorite artist who’s known as lil durk. His favorite places to eat are canes and buffalo wild wings yet ironically his favorite food is sushi (who doesn’t love sushi right?). As much as David loves being here in Arizona he says nothing beats being in California. The beautiful weather, cities and most of all seeing all of his family.

Speaking academically wise, David works hard and does well in school he says he doesn’t necessarily struggle in anything but if there were to be a subject he enjoyed the least it’d be history. Math has always been his favorite subject not because of anything special just because it’s something that he tends to enjoy more than the rest. As for after he graduates, David plans to go to the University of Arizona and play basketball. The only thing that will be his biggest challenge with that is having a late growth spurt many basketball players and picking from not only their skill but height does play a big part yet that prevents him from chasing and trying to achieve his dreams. 

Something great that we both discussed that David had overcome was his attitude. When he was younger and would be upset towards something or with someone he faced problems with being able to conceal and express those feelings. I asked him about how he’s changed now and he just shrugged, smiled and talked about how most things weren’t worth getting mad about.

Like David, Be able to make mistakes, grow and chase after the things you love.

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