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Jay’vier Cook, News Reporter

Do you have a friend who is playful, funny, and sometimes even cocky around people? If not then meet Jay’vier!

Jay’vier is a 16-year-old student in his Junior year of high school in Agua Fria. Jay’vier was born in Detroit, Michigan. He has two brothers and one sister; one lives in Detroit and the other lives in Arizona along with him. 

Fun fact, Jay’vier unexpectedly was put into the journalism class as he was supposed to attend weight training. Not sure how the school messed that up but hopefully he enjoys journalism. His position for this semester is a sports reporter. 

Being a sports reporter might suit Jay’vier well as he also was in the Agua Fria football team, playing as a running back. One of his hobbies/interests is playing football and his favorite football team is the Philadelphia Eagles. Another interest Jay’vier enjoys is listening to music. He does not have a favorite music genre as he likes to hear all sorts of music whether it is pop, rap, hip-hop, etc. However, if he were to pick his favorite music artist from his experience, it would be Kodak Black an American rapper. Jay’vier also enjoys the Summer season which allows him to ride dirt bikes more efficiently.

If Jay’vier were to attend college, his college in mind would be Michigan State University (MSU) as that is in his home state. MSU also has a football team so there might be a possibility for Jay’vier to join. However, Jay’vier is unsure of what career path to take as he has three that interest him. First, he wants to open a business. Second, he wants to participate in financial literacy. Lastly, he wants to do engineering. Altogether, three good career paths to focus on but hard to choose which to focus on the most.

Overall, interviewing Jay’vier is great, calm, and interesting as I just met him. Maybe you can even learn more about Jay’vier just by reading this article or meeting him in person. If you see Jay’vier walking around campus do not be afraid to greet him, simply say hi to him.

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Friday Night Lights

Jay’vier Cook, OwlFeed Sports Reporter
February 15, 2023
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Jay’vier Cook