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Jesse Taylor, OwlFeed Journalist

Jesse Taylor is a junior who is excited to work on his passion of writing. He likes to vary his style and be a leader for what he believes in. He holds the position of opinion reporter and is excited to start his first year in OwlFeed Journalism.

One of Jesse’s main passions in life is sports. He particularly enjoys being involved in football, basketball and wrestling. Jesse especially loves football, having played it for three years in the linebacker position. He is a passionate New England Patriots fan. Jesse played for Joliet West high school for 2 years and plans on playing football here next season at Agua Fria.

After high school, Jesse wants to go to college to be an entrepreneur and to pursue his dream of fashion design. “I like to dress… I have plenty of different clothes that I wear and different types of shoes,” Jesse said. He explained further how he likes to have a unique style and to not follow anyone, making his own path. He is a fiercely independent leader.

Some of Jesse’s favorite classes include math-based ones, especially algebra. He thoroughly enjoys the classes here, saying that he finds all of the teachers very nice and helpful. When asked about role models in fashion, he stated that he didn’t really have a role model but he explained that, “I have my own sense of fashion, I don’t go after others’ fashion because I’m different… I just think it’s cool because everyone wears the same stuff and I just want to put something new out there.” He feels he can vary his fashion sense while still being true to himself.

He is close to his family and enjoys being around his parents. He appreciates his dad for giving him good advice and being there for him. His parents help keep him on track in life and give him good advice. They help him work towards his dreams and aspirations.

He describes that he had a good childhood, as he was always keeping busy and was always fun and joyful to be around.

His advice to everyone out there is, “Anything is possible if you put your mind to it. Nobody can stop you from doing what you want to do. Pursue your dreams and be what you want to be.” He thinks that everyone has the capability to do what they dream of doing and achieve their dreams.

It’s impossible to match Jesse’s aspirations and abilities in writing. He’s a dreamer, a family man and independent. Honestly, you can’t get the real experience until you meet him!

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Jesse Taylor , OwlFeed Journalist
March 3, 2020
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Jesse Taylor