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Photo credit: Tiana Gonzalez

Tiana Gonzales, OwlFeed Opinion Reporter

This is Tiana Gonzales. She is 15 years old and is very open minded about learning new things. 

Tiana chose to take journalism because she has always been told she is a great writer and she really wants to see if she would be interested in learning new things to write about. 

 The role she will have for OwlFeed is to be an opinion reporter because she would be able to see other people’s points of views of the world around her and always say what she believes in. 

She describes herself as: reserved, because she likes to have some time alone by herself; curious, because she loves to learn about everything and likes to ask a lot of questions; and opinionated, because she has a very strong outlook about everything. 

When asked about how she feels journalism will affect her life, she said,”I think journalism is gonna make me a better writer, which will come in handy later in life and maybe force me to come out of my comfort zone, which will definitely help me later on.”

Tiana's other goals this year and the rest of high school is to get good grades and try to stick out of her comfort zone. But what about the future?

Well, Tiana doesn't know where she sees herself in the future. “Hopefully alive, no but honestly I don’t know,” she said. “I kinda just want to focus on the near future.” 

When it comes to the person she looks up to, Tiana doesn't really have a person that comes to mind, but if she has to choose it would be a former teacher. “I think the person that really comes to mind would have to be my middle school math teacher. She is a very generous and self sacrificing person and I really admire that about her,” Tiana said.

With her quiet personality, it is hard to tell that she has a lot of strong views on life, but hopefully one day Tiana hopes to be able to break out of her shell and show the world who she is and share her ideas. 

All content by Tiana Gonzales
Photo Credit: Image by Tim Evanson from Wikimedia Commons

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