Track Team Sees Growth Throughout Season


Photo Credit: Courtesy Of the Agua Fria Track Team

Jesse Galaviz, OwlFeed Sports Reporter

As the season has ended for the JV and state training is on for the Varsity, for Agua Fria track there has been a lot of growth and success. 

The last regular-season meet was at home. Although we did fall short of 1st to Canyon View on both the men’s and women’s teams, we had quite a few district champions in certain events. One of the more successful athletes was Sabatiney Onyepunuka. She was district champion in the 100m, 200m, and 400m. Let’s just say she is one of many successful runners for track this year for Agua Fria. 

She isn’t the only one though. There is also Blake Simpson,  a sophomore on the team, first-year doing track, and man what an eventful season for him. Blake’s events were the 100m hurdles and 300m hurdles. 

Blake being the humble guy he is said, “I wasn’t the best at the 110m hurdles, but I did PR (personal record) every meet.” 

Blake was also very close to making state for the 300m hurdles but was 2 seconds off. “It sucked but only gonna get better, I know I have the potential to make it next year so I’m not worried, I’m only a sophomore,” Blake said.

Fabian Castro also did the 110m and 300m hurdles. He faced many obstacles throughout the track season, one of which was just the technique of jumping off the ground and over the hurdle. “But I overcame that,” Fabian said.

For Fabian and Blake, there seem to be some growing pains of course, but it will only result in a stronger, faster, better version of themselves. That’s how the growing pains work, sure Blake had success but he also had his own obstacles, and so did Fabian, but they both overcame them. See this isn’t about how they had such a perfect and successful season, although they did, but this is about how they overcame and grew from how they started and into the finish.

Fabian described running track as “fun and exciting with an adrenaline rush.” Blake described running track as “really good and fun.” Not only did they grow and get better at running track but in the real world too. 

“It helped me with my patience.” Fabian said when interviewed by the OwlFeed Sports section. “It also helped me talk to more people that I didn’t know, it helped me get more talkative.” 

Track is not just a sport here at Agua Fria, it’s a community, full of growth not only in the sport but in the real world surrounding it.