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Photo credit: Jenielle Sephia Bongo

Jenielle Sephia Bongo, Sports Editor

It was honestly a great opportunity to interview a person like Jenielle, a junior here. As we were having a conversation, a smile was brought to my face seeing her act affectionate, and cheerful the whole time. Even when there are overwhelming moments, she still seems to always have a great attitude, and is very genuine!

She is very interactive with people around her, and is definitely someone to come to first when you need help!

Jenielle is a 17-year-old sports editor, sports reporter, media editor, as well as vice president. She has a strong passion for writing, and wants to make a lot of teams and coaches more apparent in the newsletters as they’re usually not mentioned often.

“I joined journalism so that I could support our hard-working athletes and coaches through something I love doing: writing.”

Jenielle mentions challenges when moving here to the United States from the Philippines. As this was something she had to adapt to over time, it had been something not so easy at first. She claims it was hard due to the culture around her changing. However, even through affliction and vulnerability, she still faced these challenges, considering her bravery.

“Suddenly being told that I was moving to an entirely new country was a really big shock to me. It took me a really long time to accept and adjust, but I realized that I learned many lessons through those hard times, which helped shape me into the person I am today.”

In regards to Jenielle’s hardships, it’s not always full of negatives!

Music seems to delight, and intrigue her persona. Jenielle has a variety of music artists that she loves to listen to, but states that there are “so many others but I can’t name them all.” The following she listed were people such as The Weeknd, The Neighborhood, and Arctic Monkeys. 

Jenielle is very passionate about the sport she plays, which is also known as badminton. This sport has really impacted her life, in a social sense. She had met most of her closest friends in this sport. Jenielle also states that this sport was “more of a responsibility rather than just something fun I loved doing.”

She loves to be at home, as she says the atmosphere there feels comforting. On the other hand, she admires horror and thriller books because “it is entertaining.” You would probably guess that her favorite movie genre is horror, as well as comedy. 

Something Jenielle likes to do for entertainment is playing video games. Games she fonds over are Valorant, Rainbow Six Siege, and the genre horror itself.

“I also enjoy watching comedies starring Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart with my parents.”

Reflecting on Jenielle’s advice, she lets you know, “If you ever feel out of place, just remember that you will always have yourself. So enjoy your own company because it may bring peace in your life.”

This really does show that Jenielle’s personality lightens up, and what kind of person she is. It really was a pleasure to talk to her as she strode along the way.

All content by Jenielle Sephia Bongo
Photo credit: hoops_hot_spot instagram

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