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Lilianna Gomez

Lilianna Gomez, Lifestyle Reporter

In a world where people could only listen to @liliannanoel on Spotify.

This is Lilianna (famous Christmas song) Gomez. She has lived in Arizona her whole life. Lilianna is currently a senior at Agua Fria and Captain of the Tennis team. She is the newest addition to the Lifestyle team in Journalism and is 18 years old.

Lilianna spreads love and emits positivity to all of those around her.

Part of the National Honors Society, Link Crew, Badminton, Tennis, Student Council, and the Senior-to-Senior program, Lilianna Gomez is very much involved in the Agua Fria community. In Student Council, Lilianna is a part of the advertising committee, being responsible for many of the posters we see posted around campus and at pep rallies.

Lilianna is obsessed with all things music-related. Her favorite artists are constantly changing as she loves all music genres and is always finding new artists. Her family even named their dog after the famous Reggae artist Bob Marley!

She joined Journalism in the hopes of improving her writing skills. As she progresses through her senior year, she plans on attending Arizona State University for a degree in Architectural Design.

Her all-time favorite class that she has taken at Agua Fria is AP Psychology with Ms.Rams. She enjoyed learning about ways she could integrate psychological concepts and topics into her daily life. Also, Ms.Rams is her favorite teacher. She has had an immense impact on her life; she strives Lilianna to put her best foot forward and enjoy every moment.

Also a part-time college student at Estrella Mountain Community College, Lilianna takes great pride in her educational journey. She hopes that these classes will shape her into a more intellectual student and citizen of this world.

Her favorite recreational activity is playing tennis at Friendship Park with her father. Additionally, she enjoys going out for Yogurtini after every match with her friends. She loves shopping with her mother; they are always out together on the weekends enjoying one another’s company.

But, one cannot come to understand Lilianna if they are unaware of her love for thrifting. Lilianna loves going on thrifting trips with her mother - to Tempe, Scottsdale, Phoenix, and many more places. Lilianna finds great pleasure in repurposing other’s clothing to add to her closet.

She has adored her four years at this school. She hopes that she can continue to spread kindness and information through her articles through Journalism.

All content by Lilianna Gomez