The Wild Side of the Spider-Man Fans

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David Reynaga, OwlFeed Lifestyle Reporter

When it comes to the Marvel Cinematic Universe you think of your most fan-loving favorites like Iron Man. Now after the most amazing film ever to be made in 2022, that ended up changing everyone’s minds to loving the Amazing Spider-man. The media went wild after the film, saying it was the best way to bring back actors to revisit their roles after 20 years or shorter. The film that I’m referring to is Spider-Man No Way Home, which became a hit in the box office and made a total of $814,115,070. Not only did the internet love this movie, but they wanted more after No Way Home and way more to the point where they wanted to watch another movie that was also related to Spider-man. 

The fairest request that does make sense for the internet is “The Amazing Spider-Man 3”, which is the most asked request after No Way Home. I understand this one because Andrew Garfield, the Spider-man in The Amazing Spider-man series, never got a trilogy. From Tobey Maguire to Tom Holland, they both have gotten a third movie except for Andrew Garfield. The concept ideas wouldn’t make sense though unless it was a prequel because most of the internet’s concepts wouldn’t match after No Way Home. Their concept of course is making Andrew Garfield affected by the symbiote, also known as Venom. A lot of people wanted to see this as the third movie, since Tom Holland will be affected by Venom with his upcoming 4th movie that will begin filming in December 2023. 

The most unnecessary request from the internet was to make Spider-Man 4 for Tobey Maguire. The concept kinda makes sense, but I feel like most people’s imagination would just make Spider-Man 4 so unnecessary. The internet wanted to see Spider-man 4 as a way to see what happens after the No Way Home situation. It was also the same for The Amazing Spider-Man 3, but they most likely wanted to see the symbiote version. I found that Spider-man 4 would not be a very important move, because yeah we do wanna know what happens after, but what would be the villain in the story? If Spider-man 4 was a thing it would most likely be a way to connect Peter back to his friends that had passed before No Way Home. However, after the big hit of No Way Home, Tobey does say that he wouldn’t mind becoming Spider-man again.

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Now we come to a non-concept, but more of a real film, but fans want something out of this film in order for them to watch it more. This new film of course is “Spider-Man: Across the Spider-verse”, featuring Miles Morales and not Spider-man. When this movie was first announced, a lot of people started speculating that this universe of Spider-Man would connect with the live-action Spider-mans. There are some rumors that do state that Tobey Maguire would be playing one of the Spider-mans in the movies. This movie is obviously gonna be popular since it features a cool Spider-man that would finally be on the big screen. This Spider-man of course is 2099 Spider-man, who has an amazing backstory in the comics. 

With the new movie coming out on June 2, 2023, a lot of people would love this movie, because a lot of people started loving Spider-man after No Way Home. Obviously, this movie took most of the viewers from Spider-man’s No Way Home, but also that Spider-man 2099 would finally be a hero. Now with more Spider-man fans, a lot of the Marvel Fans might think how any other hero could ever top Spider-man.