Meet Eddie Fregoso


Photo credit: Eddie Fregoso

Eddie Fregoso, OwlFeed Opinion Columnist

My name is Eddie Fregoso and I am a freshman at Agua Fria. I am new to journalism. 

I joined journalism because I think it can be fun. Being online for classes is ok but I would prefer being at school. Covid has made school for me a little more difficult because I learn better in person. The easiest way that I learn what is being taught is by visual learning. When seeing examples of what I am learning it is easier for me to learn. 

I have 2 siblings, a brother and sister and I am the middle child. I look up to more than one person, I look up to a lot of people like my family and friends. If it has to be one person I would say one of my cousins.

I find this class interesting, I want to try writing because writing can be fun. What I look forward to in this class is writing as many stories as I can. The more I write the better a writer I feel I can become. 

I am 16 years old. On my own time I like to hang out with family, play video games, and talk to friends. My favorite things to do are play sports and work out. I do not have a goal right now but to pass high school and after that I do not know what my goal is, but I hope I can find out what my goal is by the end of high school. 

Two dreams I had were to be an engineer or electrician. Being an electrician, I would like to make, fix, and untangle wires. I have always liked to untangle wires, to me it was always satisfying. Being an engineer, I want to make and fix cars. I would like to own an old car and fix it up to make it my own. 

Another dream I thought of is a game creator, creating video games I think would be fun. I like to try new things but some things will be hard for me to try. 

Journalism can become one of my dreams that I want to achieve. I think school is fun but challenging. It has always been fun to learn but also hard to learn in school for me. The more I learn as a writer the better of a writer I become.